Determinants of Oil Prices During the Pre-and Past Covid-19


  • Amal Mahmood Tishk International University, Business and Management Department, Sulaymaniyah



Financial crisis, covid-19, Oil price volatility, IRAQ


the aim of this paper is to analyze the effect of financial and political crises on oil prices in an oil-production country (Iraq) before and during the covid-19 .in order to do this, the data that used in the project is secondary data, taken from Iraq's and global formal sours that publish oil prices and the changes that occur In this research, we have relied on two types of data, which are the annually changing oil prices and the domestic and foreign economic crises that affect oil prices directly., We performed analyzes of this data using a data analyzer  Least Squares, The result of data analysis shows that the crisis affects oil prices(-19.17706) percent. At the end of the research, we proposed several solutions to reduce the amount of the economic crisis, and we can focus on them in the event of any economic crisis due to oil.


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