Intimate Partner Relationship Violence in Cameroon


  • Mbinkar Emmanuel Mengndze Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Dschang, Department of English Law, P.O. Box 66 Dschang, Cameroon


Intimate Partner Relationship, Violence, Abuse, Health Effects


Partners in an intimate relationship experienced the good, the bad and ugly moments in Cameroon. This occurs in both formal and informal relationships. Violent abuses among intimate partners have recently been in the limelight in almost all the regions, cities, towns, and villages in Cameroon with Severe effects weighing more on the female partners. These abuses are perpetrated directly or indirectly by a partner in intimate relationship, as a result of suspicion of cheating by partners, heavy alcohol and drug consumption, frustration caused by poverty, and education disparity. This research highlights some of the causes and negative health impact of intimate partner violence on victims in Cameroon. Results suggest that majority of acts of violence perpetrated in intimate relationships in Cameroon are unreported and unrecorded. The paper shall end with a conclusion and salient recommendations to better the situation in Cameroon. 


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